For many of our countless happy customers, there comes the question of ‘should I choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors or Hinged Wardrobe Doors?’

Well, although both have many benefits, let’s take a look at why Hinged Door Wardrobes are the cherry on top for Ace of Wardrobes’ stylish Sydney Custom Wardrobes. We provide Custom Wardrobes that serve many useful functions while offering a breathtaking design that will impress anyone who sees it.

Hinged Doors Add Protection to Your Floor

One benefit that Hinged Door Wardrobes have that Sliding Doors don’t, is that they can seamlessly fit any type of floor material without risk of damage. Sliding Door Wardrobes will require a track to be placed on the floor, whereas Hinged-Doors don’t need to touch the floor since they are fixed to a door frame and so won’t risk scratching it.

This is important for wood floors – especially antique wood floors. This track that Sliding Doors use can also potentially be a trip hazard if one isn’t careful, particularly if your wardrobe is a walk-in design. Hinged Doors don’t have this problem.

Get More Access to Your Wardrobe through Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors are a tried and true option for wardrobes for a reason. Although Sliding Doors are less conventional for modern homes, they can have some drawbacks compared to Hinged Doors.

Sliding Doors will often leave half of your access to your wardrobe obstructed, as the sliding door needs to conceal half your entrance at any given time. Hinge Doors don’t have this issue and give you full, wide-open access to your wardrobe’s contents.

Achieve a Modern Feel While Maintaining Traditional Doors

Sure, sliding doors may, by nature of their function, be less used than hinged doors, but that doesn’t mean hinged doors can’t achieve an exceptionally modern aesthetic. When you choose Ace of Wardrobes Sydney, our experienced team will provide you with a modern and unique door for your wardrobe with all the benefits that a hinged door brings to the table. All in all, our wardrobes will be a key feature of your home that you’ll love to show off to friends and family.

Hinged Door Wardrobes Allow More Ease of Use

Hinged Doors are generally much easier to maintain than Sliding Doors. Because of how common the hinge-based door is, repairs and replacements of door hinges are generally cheaper and simpler to achieve than Sliding Doors. They can also be cleaned with ease without any special methods required.

Add Extra Functions to the Back of Your Hinged Door

A great benefit of sliding doors that many of Ace of Wardrobes’ customers implement is the ability to use the back of a hinged door for extra functions. This includes a clothing rack, a mirror and other features. With Ace of Wardrobes, we ensure that your wardrobe is as space-efficient as possible, without sacrificing a stunning look.

Hinged Doors are Low-Maintenance Options for Classic Wardrobes

Hinged Door Wardrobes (especially those provided by Ace of Wardrobes!) are constructed and designed at the highest standard, while also functioning as a low-maintenance feature of your home. Despite its many stylish features, hinged-doors require very little maintenance. All you need to do is step back and enjoy it!

Ace of Wardrobes: Sydney’s First Choice for High-Quality Custom Wardrobes

Ace of Wardrobes has paved the way as Sydney’s innovative Custom Wardrobes provider. Our experienced team are passionate about elevating customers’ homes with a beautiful wardrobe that not only looks incredible, but functions to make life easier too. We help to declutter homes, whether it’s for a bedroom, kitchen or other location.

We provide a variety of high-quality customized wardrobes, including walk-in wardrobes, built-in wardrobes and more. Simply give our team a call and through in-depth consultation, we’ll help to realize your needs, specifications and vision. We don’t simply provide a standard furniture installation service, but an upper-tier designer service that strives to provide a memorable product that customers will be proud to wake up to each day.

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