In operation since 2008, Ace of Wardrobes has had a clear vision: to create quality wardrobes at affordable prices in Sydney. Our custom designs are the perfect solution for anyone looking to renovate their wardrobe or build one that complements the design aesthetics of their home as well as offers maximum functionality.

What We Do

We provide customised solutions for wardrobes. When you want to increase storage or just want to revamp your wardrobe to better fit your lifestyle, Ace of Wardrobes are the wardrobe experts you should trust.
Whatever your wardrobe needs, we’ve got you covered. We offer:

Why Choose Ace of Wardrobes?

Quality Assured

When Ace of Wardrobes are your choice, you can be assured of quality. Quality materials, quality workmanship & quality customer service – that’s the Ace of Wardrobes way. We don’t tolerate mediocrity, which is why we are very discerning with the materials that we use & the people that we employ. All our employees are highly experienced, from our designers to our craftsmen, and we expect everyone in our team to give their 100%. No matter how big or small a job, our team will work with the same dedication & focus to ensure the end result is worthy of having the Ace of Wardrobes’ name attached to it.

Focused on design & innovation

Here at Ace of Wardrobes, we understand that design & innovation are the two main pillars of any home renovation projects. When a customer comes to us with a vague notion of what they want, our team site with them to better understand their needs. And then, we work to turn those ideas into tangible results, by focusing on design elements & innovative solutions.

We are covered by warranty

Our work is covered by warranty. We provide warranty on not just the materials used, but also on our workmanship. Knowing that it’s covered by warranty gives our customers peace of mind.

A Bespoke Wardrobe Will Change the Way You Live

Gone are the days when wardrobes where just a crammed space for your clothes. People now want their wardrobes to be more than just a shelve or storage space to hang their clothes. They want their wardrobes to be a space that reflects their lifestyle, a space that makes getting ready in the mornings a pleasant experience. Imagine never again having to frantically rummage through a haphazard wardrobe, desperately trying to locate that one piece of clothing that seems to have disappeared. Imagine starting your day in a calm and composed manner as you pick out your clothes, knowing exactly where everything is. That can become your reality with a custom-made wardrobe from Ace of Wardrobes.

Is your wardrobe always messy? Do you find that, just a day or two after you clean & organise your wardrobe, it is back to being chaotic & disorganised? Have you considered the possibility that the problem is not so much that you are messy, but that your wardrobe is not very functional? A solution to all your wardrobe woes could be something as straightforward as a wardrobe renovation.